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Exercise and Body Composition

The number you see on the scale comes from the kitchen, the body you see in the mirror is shaped at the gym!

I'm an advocate and a proponent of the Ketogenic way of eating. As with any healthy eating plan, food preparation and spending time in your kitchen is an important part of keeping up with this healthy lifestyle. Sure, you can be keto on the go, as you've seen on my social media over the last LOOOOONG few months with my move and craziness, but, and I need you to really hear this:

There is nothing better than meal planning and prepping in your own kitchen. Cooking your own food and using real, whole foods!

This is what helps to reduce that number on the scale!

Diet however is not the end of the story. In order to re-shape your body, to sculpt your body and develop lean muscle mass, you MUST exercise! Sure, body composition comes from many factors including genetics, ethnicity, etc. but the way you can take control of the person you see in the mirror is with a great exercise plan!

Doing heavy lifting while varying the amount of weight and reps will really assist in creating that body shape you want! Whittling your waist and leaning out your body, and no, you will not gain tons of weight by lifting heavy! I currently weight 125 and i'm 5'8 and I always lift heavy!

I advocate doing a HIIT program as well as weight lifting exercises to help to reshape your body but it must be combined with a good, ketogenic eating plan. I can help with this! My platinum plan includes 28 days of custom meal planning plus a custom Workout plan including HIIT and lifting!

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