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Meet "Goldie" of the Month...Noelle!

I am so excited to introduce June 2018 Goldie of the Month...Noelle B. from Kingston, TN! Noelle has been a client of my Keto-Gold plan since January of this year, and will be starting her 6th month on plan next week!

Noelle is a working mama with a large family! She leads a super busy life taking care of her beautiful home, running her own cleaning business, and being a devoted wife and mother to her family.

Noelle began her journey with Keto with Courtney on January 8th, 2018 and hasn't looked back since! Noelle started with a goal like many of us: to lose 30 pounds and reach a healthy weight, and improve her labs. In just 5 short months she has nearly reached her healthy weight goal, her blood work is better than ever, and she's reached a myriad of other milestones she didn't dream possible.

Grab some coffee and join Noelle and I for a chat about her experience on Keto-Gold.

*Courtney: "Noelle, thanks so much for chatting with me today! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and about what brought you to Keto-Gold?" *Noelle: "" You know, I'm from the South and everything around here revolves around food. Everything. Church: Food. Kids sporting events: Food. Life is food down here. So, I've had a weight problem most of my life. I have a complex seizure disorder as the result of some past trauma, and at age 32 I found myself having to learn to walk, talk, and eat all over again. Once I had relearned these basic skills and was able to function more normally, I knew that I wanted to focus on my health. I'd heard lots of talk about the Keto diet, and saw photos online of really amazing transformations, and even some info about how the Keto diet was used in medical facilities to treat seizure disorders. I was instantly intrigued!

So, I was talking with a friend (who doesn't even follow the Keto diet herself-ha!) and she mentioned you and your Keto Facebook page and I checked it out!

Within a few minutes of reading posts, and seeing the Before and After pictures of both you and your Keto-Gold clients...I knew I wanted that, too! SO, I signed up that same day for Keto-Gold and started the plan the following Monday: January 8th!"

*Courtney: " Wow Noelle! I hadn't realized you had such an extreme battle with your seizure disorder. Have you seen any improvement with that since starting Keto-Gold?"

*Noelle: "Actually, yes! I am proud and happy to share that I haven't experienced even one single large scale seizure since starting the Keto-Gold plan...I am nearly 6 months (large scale) seizure-free! This is a HUGE deal for me!"

*Courtney: " That is simply incredible! I am so thrilled that the Ketogenic approach of my Keto-Gold plan has worked so well for you-both in weight loss AND in managing your seizure disorder! I am just SO happy for you!"

*Courtney: "Speaking of the plan working so well...tell us about your results! You are the QUEEN of shrink, I tell you! What are your transformation "numbers?"

*Noelle: " I have taken your advice and encouragement to stay off the scale and not obsess over the numbers. I'm convinced that the fact that I've taken this approach is a key part of why I've been so successful. So I started out with about 31 pounds to lose, and so far since January I have lost 22.5 of those! I can't believe I am a mere 7.5 pounds from my healthy goal weight! Even more impressive than my weight loss, is that I have lost 22 inches (on the dot!) since starting Keto-Gold...and of those inches a whopping 10 inches have come off my waist! I had no idea that my body-shape could have a waist...and now I know why you say your plan can carve out waists on almost everyone. I'm living proof!"

*Courtney: " You are officially the Queen of Shrink! I think that'll be your new nickname with your fellow "Goldies". Ha!"


*Courtney: "Can you share with us about your experience on Keto-Gold?

*Noelle: "I think what has surprised me most, and actually what has kept me faithful to the plan with no cheats for almost six months, is the fact that there are SO many choices! I never feel bored or stuck in a rut. I a convinced that it was mostly boredom and the stress of trying to plan everything 'just right' that kept me from being successful with other weight loss efforts. With Keto-Gold, the food is delicious, never bland, I am never bored and I never have to wonder 'what am I making for dinner?' I know what I'm having for dinner this Tue, next Wed, and the week after that-and that works so well for me. If something doesn't sound good the day I had planned to eat it, I simply swap it for one of the other choices on plan. There is no stress and therefore this becomes a manageable way to live...for LIFE.

The private Keto-Gold community group found on Facebook has been huge for me. I can share in a way there that I can never share with people in my everyday life. My 'in person'friends aren't walking this journey with me and I don't really feel I can talk openly and safely with them about this part of my life. But with our community support group, I have a full family that I can be open and honest with about this part of my life-I never feel embarrassed or isolated. I have a full family of support as soon as I log into Facebook!"

*Courtney: "What a game changer that monthly community support group is! To get to 'do life' with 100(ish) other people each month on the exact same journey as you. It's SO powerful!"

*Courtney: "You mentioned improving your labs was a goal of yours with adopting a Keto diet. Have you seen any improvement there on plan?"

*Noelle: " Yes! I just had my labs drawn recently. I will admit, I was a little afraid to tell my doctor that I'd been on the Keto diet. So many people have misunderstandings about what it is, or what it entails...and I didn't want to say anything before I had seen my labs. I was overjoyed when I saw that ALL my labs have improved: my A1C is down and within normal healthy range, my HDL is up, and my LDL is down ( and within healthy normal range) and every single lab function test came back with flying colors. My doctor specifically commented on my weight loss AND on the improvement in my labs from last year!"

*Courtney: " Now THAT is a major reason to celebrate! What incredible tangible evidence of the health that you are manifesting in your life through Keto-Gold!"

*Courtney: "This is always one of my favorite questions to ask...what has been your favorite meals so far on plan?"

*Noelle: " Sweet Vanilla Breakfast Custard! I never expected to love that dish as much as I do, but it is SO good! We also really love your breakfast cereal, your pancakes, and the Berries and Cream Breakfast Parfaits-SO GOOD!"

*Courtney: "Sounds like your household sure loves Breakfast! Ha!"

*Noelle: " We really do-so much so that we often end up making the recipes for dinner, too!"

*Courtney: "What has been your favorite BIG moment on Keto-Gold so far?

*Noelle: " Fitting back into my wedding dress from 11 years ago! I zipped it up and it fit perfectly this month and that was such a huge goal of mine. I can't believe I did it!"

*Courtney: " Oh my gosh, WOW! What a beautiful and really special non-scale victory! I am so excited for you!"

*Courtney: "What has been your favorite way to stay fit while on Keto-Gold?"

*Noelle: " My seizure disorder prevents me from any heavy duty exercise-but I focus on hitting our Keto-Gold step goals, and I walk, walk walk! I continue to be so amazed at the progress I've made since my only exercise has been walking!"

*Courtney: " Since you've been strictly Keto for almost six months now, what would you say the biggest misconception is about this lifestyle?"

*Noelle: " Definitely that this is not doable long-term in a healthy way. So many people read about Keto and only read about bacon, bacon, more bacon, fat and meat. But on Keto-Gold, we eat a varied diet of whole foods-lots of veggies and some berries and nuts and plenty of healthy fat and protein. There is nothing about this that isn't doable for the long-term. I just love that this is so different than a lot of what you see out there stated as being 'Keto.'"

*Courtney: " You've had such impressive success on plan. I know folks reading this would LOVE to hear what your biggest tips are for powering through tough situations of food temptation?"

*Noelle: " For me, what has kept me on plan and able to make it through challenging food situations is always having food that is on my plan that can eat with me. My step-son graduated recently and for his party I made a whole spread of southern favorites: including peach cobbler and apple pie. So I prepped your cheesecake yogurt, and served a fruit platter so I knew I'd have some dessert. Then I made some BBQ and left it without sauce so that I could enjoy the meat with your BBQ sauce-I was able to participate and enjoy the party food but still stay on plan. Always making sure I have at least an option or two from the Keto-Gold plan with me and available in all situations has been the key to me being successful on plan."

*Courtney: "Anything you'd like to share with anyone potentially considering joining the Keto-Gold plan?"

*Noelle: " If you're on the fence about joining us, and you have the means to do so-don't hesitate! It's the best support, best community, best lifestyle and best food of any "diet" (I sure hate that word...this is my LIFE) that I've ever come across. Goldie for life!"

Thank you, Noelle for sharing about your journey and your story with us today- I am so excited about your amazing transformation and appreciate the opportunity to continue to be part of it!

If you too are interested in joining out Keto-Gold Family and accessing hundreds of new and fresh recipes each month with balanced and varied Keto macros to prevent stalling-and reaching your health and wellness goals, CLICK HERE!

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