Meet "Goldie" of the Month...Noelle!

I am so excited to introduce June 2018 Goldie of the Month...Noelle B. from Kingston, TN! Noelle has been a client of my Keto-Gold plan since January of this year, and will be starting her 6th month on plan next week!

Noelle is a working mama with a large family! She leads a super busy life taking care of her beautiful home, running her own cleaning business, and being a devoted wife and mother to her family.

Noelle began her journey with Keto with Courtney on January 8th, 2018 and hasn't looked back since! Noelle started with a goal like many of us: to lose 30 pounds and reach a healthy weight, and improve her labs. In just 5 short months she has nearly reached her healthy weight goal, her blood work is better than ever, and she's reached a myriad of other milestones she didn't dream possible.

Grab some coffee and join Noelle and I for a chat about her experience on Keto-Gold.

*Courtney: "Noelle, thanks so much for chatting with me today! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and about what brought you to Keto-Gold?" *Noelle: "" You know, I'm from the South and everything around here revolves around food. Everything. Church: Food. Kids sporting events: Food. Life is food down here. So, I've had a weight problem most of my life. I have a complex seizure disorder as the result of some past trauma, and at age 32 I found myself having to learn to walk, talk, and eat all over again. Once I had relearned these basic skills and was able to function more normally, I knew that I wanted to focus on my health. I'd heard lots of talk about the Keto diet, and saw photos online of really amazing transformations, and even some info about how the Keto diet was used in medical facilities to treat seizure disorders. I was instantly intrigued!

So, I was talking with a friend (who doesn't even follow the Keto diet herself-ha!) and she mentioned you and your Keto Facebook page and I checked it out!

Within a few minutes of reading posts, and seeing the Before and After pictures of both you and your Keto-Gold clients...I knew I wanted that, too! SO, I signed up that same day for Keto-Gold and started the plan the following Monday: January 8th!"

*Courtney: " Wow Noelle! I hadn't realized you had such an extreme battle with your seizure disorder. Have you seen any improvement with that since starting Keto-Gold?"

*Noelle: "Actually, yes! I am proud and happy to share that I haven't experienced even one single large scale seizure since starting the Keto-Gold plan...I am nearly 6 months (large scale) seizure-free! This is a HUGE deal for me!"

*Courtney: " That is simply incredible! I am so thrilled that the Ketogenic approach of my Keto-Gold plan has worked so well for you-both in weight loss AND in managing your seizure disorder! I am just SO happy for you!"

*Courtney: "Speaking of the plan working so well...tell us about your results! You are the QUEEN of shrink, I tell you! What are your transformation "numbers?"

*Noelle: " I have taken your advice and encouragement to stay off the scale and not obsess over the numbers. I'm convinced that the fact that I've taken this approach is a key part of why I've been so successful. So I started out with about 31 pounds to lose, and so far since January I have lost 22.5 of those! I can't believe I am a mere 7.5 pounds from my healthy goal weight! Even more impressive than my weight loss, is that I have lost 22 inches (on the dot!) since starting Keto-Gold...and of those inches a whopping 10 inches have come off my waist! I had no idea that my body-shape could have a waist...and now I know why you say your plan can carve out waists on almost everyone. I'm living proof!"

*Courtney: " You are officially the Queen of Shrink! I think that'll be your new nickname with your fellow "Goldies". Ha!"