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Meet "Goldie" of the Month...Kelsey!

Today kicks off an exciting monthly blog feature I'm really stoked to share with you: Goldie of the Month!

For those potentially unfamiliar, the Keto-Gold plan is the monthly ketogenic Meal Plan and Fitness Training program that has become a staple favorite among women and men of all ages, backgrounds and interests for its ability to provide a simple and delicious whole food based Ketogenic meal plan suited for the whole family! Featuring over 85 fresh and new recipes each makes "going Keto" truly doable...for life!

Today I'll be sharing about "Goldie" ( the cutesy nickname the Keto-Gold Clients have given themselves) :

Kelsey from Endicott, New York!

Kelsey Before Keto-Gold and 10 Months Later...and 80 Pounds Lighter!

I got an opportunity to chat with Kelsey recently and I asked her to share about her experience working with me for ONE YEAR this month! Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a chat...

*Courtney: " Thanks for sitting down with me today, Kelsey. It's such a please to chat! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself,"

*Kelsey: "I'm Kelsey, a graduate student ( soon to be GRADUATED!) from Endicott, NY! Let's see...I have an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and am soon to finish up my Masters Degree in Teaching Literacy at SUNY Fredonia. I am a dog mom to my American Bulldog baby Pebbles, and when I'm not hitting the books, I work as a horse trainer and rehabilitator as well as a summer camp counselor!

*Courtney: How did you discover Keto with Courtney?

*Kelsey: I was a long time follower back in the Instagram days (haha!), and when I saw you had started helping people go Keto, I decided to hop on board!

*Courtney: Can you believe that was April 2017? A year ago this month?!

*Kelsey: NO! It's our one year anniversary. We are so cute!" *Courtney: "Hahaha! Yes we are!"

*Courtney: What attracted you to the Keto lifestyle?

*Kelsey: "I actually decided to work with you to go Keto in hopes of healing my hormone issues, to feel better mentally and physically, and to help me manage my chronic pain."

*Courtney: Can you share with our readers about your experience working with me through Personalized Nutrition Coaching & the Keto-Gold meal plan?

*Kesley: Sure! We started out, as you remember, on a Custom Meal Plan with Personalized Coaching. In less than 90 days, I was out of the 200's and wearing clothes I hadn't in years. Through our coaching sessions and the Keto-Gold meal plan, I've now lost 80+ pounds and am happily maintaining my weight, wearing bikinis with confidence and finally FEEL better, too! When I shared with you earlier this year that I was starting to battle some sugar cravings again, the feedback and tips you gave me during our coaching sessions absolutely blew me away! I decided to share your suggestions with my Naturopath who manages my hormonal dysfunction and chronic pain disorders. He was thrilled with your nutritional and supplement protocol and approach and said it was exactly the same process and suggestions he would'be given me, too! That really cemented for me why your approach to the Keto Lifestyle has worked so well for me-not just with extreme weight loss, but with helping me to get healthy. I mean, I know you KNOW what you are doing...but that really solidified it for me, to be honest. Anyway, it's been a year now, and my PCOS symptoms are managed and under control, I'm at a healthy weight, and I'm the fit and active person I have always wanted to be. I'v been able to heal from some serious emotional damage as well, and have learned what I am deserving of as a person. This has truly been a life changing experience for me, Court." *Courtney: "Ok that I want to cry... WOW. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with us! Your transformation has been truly amazing! Can you believe you've lost 80 pounds ( and did it in under 10 months) and kept it off so well? Even with your crazy busy life as a full time graduate student and worker?"

*Kelsey: "I really can't! The process has been made SO simple through the Keto-Gold plan...and the support found via the Facebook support group for the Keto-Gold clients is unlike anything else I've experienced online. The "Goldies" have become my family."

*Courtney: "We really are a giant family, aren't we?"

*Kelsey: "Yes! So much's so cool. I love our group of "Goldies". It grows and gets larger each and every month but we never lose that familial feel."

*Courtney: What is your favorite Keto-Gold Meal & Dessert of all time?

*Kelsey: Oh that is easy; Pizza Hot Pockets and your Hot Cocoa. Those are so good and keep me really full and satisfied. SO yummy!"

*Courtney: Favorite moment of success on your Keto-Gold plan?

*Kelsey: "Seeing my ex for the first time since my weight loss and getting my braces off. The look on his face...PRICELESS"

*Courtney; "Now that you've been living it for a year, what do you think the biggest misconception is about the Keto Lifestyle?"

*Kelsey: "That you will be miserable without carbs. We eat so good...I don't even notice."

*Courtney: "Biggest motivation to stay Keto for the long haul?"

*Kelsey: " Keeping off my weight that I've lost, and continuing to manage my hormonal disorder. I also just truly FEEL so much better this way!"

*Courtney: "Anything you'd like to share with our readers before we wrap this up? *Kelsey: "I guess I just want people to know that you can change your life. No excuses. You CAN do this and be a super busy college student, too. Keto-gold allows me to just read the plan, grocery shop with the shopping list provided, and then cook a few meals to reheat and eat on all week. Easy as that. I did literally just that (and exercised) and lost 80 pounds in ten months. I can't recommend this plan enough!"

*Courtney: "Thank you SO much for your time today, Kelsey! We are so excited to get to learn more about you and hear your "Goldie" Transformation Story."

For more information on how you too can become a "Goldie" click HERE or message me for info HERE!

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