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Revisions and Keto {Guest Post}

Today's post is a little different because i've asked my friend Marni to do a guest post to share a little about her experience as a weight loss surgery revision patient and ketogenic diet. She has some great insight on what to expect as a revision patient in general and about expectations!

Hi! I'm Marni and I originally had the LapBand procedure done in Acuna, Mexico in 2002. At the time, it was the safest procedure in my mind as I was afraid to do something more permanent. The band was supposed to limit my intake and that was, I thought, my main issue causing me to gain weight. I initially lost around 60 lbs on the liquid and soft foods diet and then, over the years, through fills and unfills, vomiting, getting stuck, sliming and foaming, I kind of just gave up on the band.

I gained all of my weight back and after 2 pregnancies, my local bariatric surgeon suggested I look into a revision. I was starting to have more health issues including high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and more. I didn't know that this was even an option! I started to get excited that after all of these years of struggling I would finally be able to make this healthy change!

As a revision patient I knew my weight loss would be slower. After years of losing and gaining (because yes, even with the band I dieted!), my metabolism was just screwed up! So, after my VSG surgery, once I was on regular foods the weight loss did indeed slow down. Then THANKFULLY I found out about the Ketogenic way of eating from Courtney! And THANK G-D for that!

Carbohydrates have always been a drug for me. The more I ate, the more I wanted and it was a terribly cycle. I started a Custom Meal Plan and all of a sudden I wasn't relying on that carb cycle! I felt more energy! I no longer craved dessert and carbs like I did before! It was such an amazing change and best of all, the weight was coming off!

In one year, even as a revision, I lost more than 100 lbs! I credit Courtney and Keto for that 100%! I have zero doubt that without keto i'd be still struggling to reach a normal weight now that i'm a little more than a year out from my VSG surgery.

I want to encourage all revision patients that it IS POSSIBLE. You can reach a normal, healthy weight. Change your WOE (way of eating) and you will absolutely change your life!

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