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Find your "Why"

It is so hard to stay motivated on a weight loss journey. I know it! I've been there and even though i'm in maintenance now I too find it challenging at times to stay as focused and motivated as I know I need to be. I never want to go back to that girl!

One of the things that kept me motivated through my 188 pound weight loss and my continued successful maintenance was finding my 'WHY'. Your 'WHY' is your reason or reasons for doing this, for having surgery, or going keto (or both). For taking this huge, and (hopefully) permanent, lasting step in your life!

My why is a few things. As many of you may know I've battled and WON cancer, I had multiple health issues at my highest weight. And, I think maybe my biggest why (as I sit here crying) is my birth mother. She was a wonderful person, a great cook, my heart, but she was morbidly obese, and in the end that led to her passing away at a young age.

So, my 'WHY'? I want to make her proud! I want to live the life that unfortunately, because of her weight and health, she couldn't. I want her to live on through me.

Of course there are other 'WHY's' for me. I'm getting married (EEK!), just bought a house (YAY)!. I want to be active and healthy through this next stage of my life. I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy this time in my life. AND of course I want to spread the word and help others be successful just like me!

So, now that i've poured my heart out a bit to you faithful readers, please share with me in the comments. What is your 'WHY'?

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