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The 'loose skin' Issue

Ok, so losing massive amounts of weight obviously has numerous benefits to your health and wellness as well as your overall well-being. But, and this question comes up so much, what about the loose skin??

I've been very open about all aspects of my journey, and this is no different. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen me in videos and still shots showing that even at my size, when you have lost dramatic amounts of weight loose skin is inevitable.

How much you have depends on a number of factors including genetics, age, body type and composition, whether you have had other surgeries or ever been pregnant, how many times you've gained and lost weight, etc.

One thing that has been on my mind and heart is what I see so often in online support groups and on instagram. People questioning their choice of either having weight loss surgery or starting a ketogenic meal plan (or both) because they are afraid of loose skin??!!

Let's get one thing straight. WHY are you doing this? Why are you choosing to change your life? Is it get healthier? Erase diabetes and high blood pressure? Get pregnant finally?

Those and more are all wonderful reasons to lose weight.

But, if the ONLY thing on your list is to look hot naked, and your biggest worry is the loose skin or losing your boobs...I just want to tell you to re-think about the long term benefits of weight loss!

I know, believe me, that plastic surgery isn't an option for many. I personally haven't had any and may never have it. I've learned to accept who I am now and the skin (all of it) that i'm in! I hope that throughout your journey you can learn to love the skin you are in as well! So, here you go! Here I am in all my loose skin that a 190 lb loss can do.

I took these pictures this morning. This is me, skin and all.

For comparison, and with her permission, here is one of my longtime clients and friends Marni. The 'before' picture is at the beginning of her meal plans with me and the start of her keto journey. She had already lost weight because of her VSG surgery. The second is today. She and I are different heights, ages, race, ethnicity, genetic makeup, she's had 2 as you can see, skin does shrink and keto definitely helps to shed the fat and reshape your body! We are both proof!

In the comments, let me know how you feel about this SKIN issue! Does it make you want to avoid weight loss? If so why?

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