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Re-feeds on a Ketogenic Diet

As many of you know, i'm STILL travelling with my fiancee, heading home to Iowa on the longest road trip ever! During this time i've been sticking to my ketogenic diet and even though we are eating out for every meal, i've found it surprisingly easy to stay keto on the road! (check out my Facebook for pics of what i've been eating and ideas!)

I wanted to address something I get asked about all the time, carbohydrate re-feeds. Basically, on a ketogenic diet, people sometimes decide to do what is called a re-feed to stimulate their hypothalamus and get things shaken up.

Do I recommend a re-feed if you are in the weight loss phase?

Largely, no! It is really not necessary for you to have 'cheat days' or re-feeds. All it will do in the short term is kick you out of ketosis. And who wants to go through the process all over again?

The only time I ever suggest doing a CONTROLLED re-feed would be if you are close to goal weight, stalled for a long time (while also still doing workouts), and you are long-term keto-adapted.

What do I mean by a CONTROLLED re-feed? Well, that means to contact me and let me help you. The worst thing you could do is eat ALL THE CARBS and totally mess with your metabolism and system. I want to help you make healthy decisions with a clear and clean meal plan that may include higher carb clean veggies, berries, leafy greens and fats. Don't just go hog-wild and eat candy and junk. We are in this keto journey for the long run guys!

If you need assistance or have questions about keto or about how we can work together please contact me!

Right now a big group of awesome gals and a few guys are taking part in a live challenge group doing the Sugar Smash together and they are killing it! This plan was specifically designed to kick out the cravings for sweet and it also includes NO DAIRY! What?? It has been scientifically proven recently that dairy mimics our the same response in our brain as sugar. As you know, the ketogenic diet tends to rely heavily on dairy so this challenge is not for the faint of heart but wow the progress already!! Most can look forward to seeing a 5-7lbs loss!

Comment below if you are trying the the challenge!

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