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Keto on the Go

So, as most of you probably know this has been the craziest few months of my life, so far. I literally have been under so much stress between packing up, moving, getting engaged, planning a new is nuts! And now, i'm in the home stretch with no kitchen, no routine and no *gasp* way to cook and meal plan for myself!!!

What is a health coach to do? I posted on social media for accountability! I've been posting all of my meals to show that you CAN stick to keto even eating out at restaurants and eating convenience foods only!

Here are some of my favorite meals from the last few days!

This is a ONCE IN A WHILE solution for a snack but I love the quest bars. This happens to be my favorite flavor...heat it in the oven or microwave, its even better!

Easy and simple snack, cashews and a string cheese. Super satisfying and delicious! My keto staples on the go or at home!

Dinner out, steak, asparagus and a tiny side ceasar salad! So delicious and keto friendly.

Great lunch or dinner option! Taco salad was delicious and could last me 4-5 meals!

I just want to prove to you all and to myself that we can do this! We can stick to our healthy ketogenic meals even when we are on the go or in my case, moving and have no kitchen! It is totally do-able!

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