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Making Good Choices

It's the holiday season, a few days away from Christmas and Chanukah! And what does that mean? shopping, food, more shopping, more food, fast food, baked goods, sweets and treats,! Oh and for me, add in uprooting my whole life and moving to a new state, a new home and well, MOVING!

AAAH! How does one survive and stay KETO when we are under so much holiday season stress? The late nights shopping? The always present sweets?

Well, first you have to make the decision that your health, your progress, is worth more than that easy bag of cookies or pack of french fries. You decide that weight loss and your ketosis are more important than that tin of cookies left at work, or that box of donuts with holiday sprinkles in the break room.

After you've made that commitment, then its time to create work-arounds! We don't have to feel left out!

Take me, the health coach! Yesterday I was at Costco shopping at a crazy hour, and I was starving. Though i've had VSG surgery and can eat less it would be easy for me to grab a slider food like a box of cookies or chips to munch on. But, I didin't want to sacrifice my hard work and push myself out of ketosis, not to mention put that processed crap in my body that would perpetuate a terrible cycle of cravings and addiction.

So, what did I do? I grabbed a piece of yummy Costco pizza and scraped off the yummy cheese and toppings and enjoyed myself!


The holiday parties and the Christmas eve and day meals, the Chanukah parties, they are all a few days away! How can we survive them without feeling left out??

Well, umm, have you seen my cookbook? Recipes like biscuits, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet "Fauxtato" casserole, CHEESECAKE FUDGE!!! What about the recipes here on the blog like my awesome Cheesecake?

Make these ahead of time and bring them with you and don't tell anyone. You will be fighting the ketoers and non ketoers alike for your piece!

Keto is not about deprivation as you hopefully can tell by now after reading through my blog and following me. It is about creating healthful habits, eating satiating foods with healthy and satisfying fats, and cutting that sugar addiction once and for all.

If you need help in the new year to get started on the right Keto track, check out my packages and lets work together to have an awesome 2017!

Happy Holidays to all! And to all a KETO night!

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