Courtney's Frosted "Sugar" Cookies

At long last...I bring to you my Frosted Cut-Out "Sugar" Cookies! It's that time of year when making, baking and decorating cookies can tempt even the most committed ketogenic eater. I wanted to be sure to provide you something that can help you power through that temptation, and replace those terrible-for-you sugar, grain and chemical bombs with a delicious swap free of sugar, grains and crap!

Read through the steps clearly before you begin making these beauties, and be sure you've got some time set aside to give these your full attention. They are somewhat more labor intensive than my standard recipes ( as are traditional homemade and frosted sugar cookies) but they are SO worth it. You're in for quite a treat!

I'd love to see photos of you and your family enjoying my "Sugar" cookie recipe-so, if you make these and snap photos, be sure and use hashtag #ketowithcourtneyholidaybaking so that I can see them!

A few tips before we begin: 1- Start with a little less sweetener than my recipe calls for-and then taste and add sweetener as needed to taste.

2- I suggest you use the following specific 3 products for best results in this recipe (click on link for purchase info): -Swerve Confectioner's Sweetener

-Bob's Finely Milled Blanched Almond Flour

-Trim Health Mama Oat Fiber

Here we go!!

Recipe Serves: 24-36 cookies per batch, depending on cookie size/shape and cut-outs used.


•4 T. 1/3 Reduced-Fat Cream Cheese; Softened and at Room Temperature

•1 C. Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded

•3 T. Salted Butter; Softened

•2/3 C. Swerve (Confectioner's) Sweetener; Tightly Packed

•1 Large Egg; Room Temperature

•2 Fresh Eg Whites; Room Temperature ( NOT from a carton)

•1/2 t. Butter Extract

•2 t. Vanilla Extract

•1/4 t. Almond Extract

•5-10 "Sugar Cookie" Capella Drops ( optional but VERY worth it here)

•1 C. Finely Milled Almond Flour

•2 T. Oat Fiber

•1 t. Baking Powder