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{BLISSful Recipe} Courtney's Homemade Taco Seasoning

This is my tried and true, homemade taco seasoning blend! Why buy the packets with the carby fillers when you can whip up a big batch of this, and keep it in your spice rack?!


5 T Chili Powder

1 1/2 T Garlic Powder

1 1/2 T Onion Powder

1 T crushed Red Pepper flakes (or to taste)

1 T Ground Oregano

2 tsp paprika

2 T ground Cumin

1 1/2 T mineral Salt

1 T pepper

Blend all spices together and store in a jar!

TO MAKE TACO MEAT: To 1 Pounds (16 oz) Browned Ground Beef/Turkey/Chicken add 2 T. Taco Seasoning and 1/2 cup of water. Mix together well and simmer until the liquid has thickened and you have your desired taco meat consistency.

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