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Lily's Chocolate { Favorite Things}

Ok. So just because we are on a healthful, High fat, Moderate protein way of eating to lose body fat and improve our health, doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice the things we love. One of the things I love...CHOCOLATE!

What I don't love...SUGAR!

Enter Lily's Chocolate! OMG you guys. If you haven't tried this brand you must! Their chocolate bars and chips are sweetened with stevia instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners that are not on plan. So, these are approved for a TREAT on plan!

I love their chocolate chips and often use them in recipes as well as a great addition to my homemade keto trail mix!

My current favorite flavor is their Salted Almond and Milk! Velvety Milk Chocolate, yummmm!

You can purchase Lily's products in many local supermarkets and Whole Foods as well as online at Amazon! So this holiday season, don't feel deprived. Indulge (a little!) with less guilt and while staying on plan!

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