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At long last, the Detox Rapid Weight Loss e-Cookbook Companion Meal Plan for my Everyday Favorites e-Cookbook! Enjoy 7 Days of custom meal planning with varied recipes ( ALL are cookbok recipes) put together using KWC proprietary calories and macros that make all my detox plans so popular and powerful for busting stubborn stalls and creating major weight loss in a "beginner friendly" way!

While ALL the recipes in my e-Cookbook Everyday Favorites are delicious and keto friendly-not all are appropriate for daily consumption in the weight loss phase. I've taken the difficulty of figring out which reipes will work best paired with what other reipes for maximum enjoyment AND weight loss-in just 7 days!

Each day you'll enjoy 3 Main Meals, 1 Snack AND dessert! Complete with a sull grocery shopping list, all you need to do is grab your groeries, prep your meals, eat delicious food and watch the pounds and inches melt away!

To enjoy this detox, you will need to have purchased a copy of my Everyday Favorites e-Cookbook.

Everyday Favorite e-Cookbook Detox Meal Plan

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