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So... you've lost weight since you originally purchased your Keto with Courtney© and you'r wondering about getting your calories and macros recalculated so as to keep the weight and inches coming off-this package is for you!*


Complete with all the original Calorie & Macro Profile Info you know and love, updated to reflect your current weight, health, and measurment info:


By using her personally created Keto with Courtney© Body Type Mapping System, you can ensure that you are eating with a purpose: weight loss (or maintenance, if appropriate), ketosis, and belly fat reduction.

Includes the Following:
Custom Created Profile with information on your individual daily needs (provided in ranges for flexibility) for the following:
Suggested Daily Calorie Needs for Weight Loss OR Weight Maintenance
Suggested Daily Intake Needs for Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein AND Fiber
Suggested Personalized Ideal Weight Range
Current Basal Metabolic Rate
Current BMI


*(this purchase option is available ONLY to Keto with Courtney© clients who have purchased and recieved a Calorie & Macro Profile within the last 6 months {180 Days}).

Customized Macronutrient Profile (returning client) -UPDATE

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