Join Courtney on Thursday November 1st at 5:00pm (CST) OR catch the replay for her first ever Higher-Learning seminar: Intermittent Fasting 101! 


After the seminar, enjoy permenent access to this private support group dedicated to tips and information sharing regarding Intermittent Fasting the KWC way!


Courtney will be sharing her personal and professional experience with Intermittent Fasting, and explainig how to undertake this "trend" in an educated and reasonable way-and use the power of healthy intermittent fasts to maximize your experience on her Keto-Gold plan!


•Learn if Intermittent Fasting is right for you! 

•How long YOU should be fasting: based on YOUR body type!

•Using IF to break through stubborn stalls

•IF & hormonal and endocrine considerations....and more!

KWC©-Fasting 101 Seminar & Support Group


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