Intereseted in a more custom approach to your Keto-Gold plan, but don't need weekly coaching services? Have a specific topic of interest related to your Keto-Gold journey you'd like the chance to discuss with Courtney? Get expert level insight regarding how to maximize your success on plan AND chat with Courtney directly about topics of interest related to your Keto-Gold journey!


The NEW Consultation package ( 2-Pack Special) allows for an initial consultation call and a follo-up ( to be shceduled within 90 days of initial call) to discuss original suggestios and make additional tweaks, changes, or suggestions as necessary to support your continuing success on Keto-Gold.


This highly requested coaching package includes the following (after a thorough intake process:)

- Custom Body-Typing (Courtney will asses your bodytype and explain what this means for you on your peronal Keto-Gold Journey

 -Custom Goal Setting and Behavioral Change Planning and Coaching

-Custom BMR, Body Fat Calculation and Daily Caloric Range Discussion

-Discussion of Keto-Gold nutrition management of any health issues

-Discussion on how to custom tweak the Keto-Gold plan to maximize your results...AND MORE!


 *Please note, this is a CONSULTATION PACKAGE only and does NOT include the Keto-Gold Plan. Purchase of Keto-Gold Plan is Required to be eligible for this consultation package.*

Keto-Gold©{ 2- Pack} Consultation Package!

  • Does this consultation plan include my personalized macros?
    No. I will create a "quick profile" that is for my professional use only of your custom KWC calorie and macro RANGE-and discuss the suggested caloric and macro (percentage) ranges with you during our consult. 


    Consultation packages must be redeemed during the period of Jan-March 2019.

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